Revealing Interview Questions to Ask Candidates

As a recruiter, you probably have plenty of experience interviewing candidates and asking questions that might reveal their personality and traits. It’s also likely that you have a few questions that you always ask to unlock insights into candidates you’ve selected from recruitment sites.

Overasked questions like ‘What is your strength?’ have been circling the recruitment field long enough for candidates to prepare lengthy responses to secure a job. You need to make interviews interesting by asking unique questions that also can reveal more about a candidate.

Here’s are some examples that you might find useful in your next interview:

Is it better to be extraordinary and late, or good and on time?

Candidates may say ‘extraordinary and on time’ but ask them to choose only one of the options. You can learn what the candidates prioritise and what they value with their answers, and why would they choose that answer.

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How do you develop yourself when you’re not at work?

Self-development can occur even outside work, and by asking about the candidate’s hobby or interest, you can learn more about their passion and appetite to learn. Knowing what makes them motivated will give you an insight on how to develop to career journey too.

What are the qualities of your parents that you most and least like?

Although this question has almost no relation to work or the job, it’s a question that puts candidates on the spot. They will likely have strong views on how they identify with their parents and how they think they are different from them, causing them to consider their before they answer.

How would you advise your younger self?

Give the candidate a timeframe and ask what advice they will give their younger self. There is no correct answer when it comes to questions like these as everyone has their journey, but you can gather a lot about the candidate when you hear their answer. Any fake answers will also be obvious when you hear it.


By asking these questions, you can reveal a lot about the next batch of candidates that come your way. Listen to their answers and decide if they will fit into your company culture.

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