Hiring For a Position You Don’t Understand? Here’s How.

Hiring managers usually do an excellent job filtering resumes, conducting interviews and dealing with contracts, but that doesn’t necessarily make them an expert in understanding all job positions. Despite their experience and expertise, some jobs such as engineering can be a little bit difficult to understand if you’re not knowledgeable in that field.

So, what do you do when you’re hiring for a position that you don’t understand at job posting sites? Check out these tips that may help you in finding the perfect candidate for your company:

Get advice

While you may not know much about the position you’re hiring, other employees may know something. Find these people to get help in the hiring process, and come up with a hiring strategy with them. You can even request for interview questions and answers from them. No expert in your company? Get in contact with your professional network.

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Don’t hire the inexperienced

When you’re confused about everything, it’s best not to hire someone new to the task. Chances are, you’ll get confused with the candidate’s motivation with competence. Hire someone that has a proven track record and can deliver results instead.

Invite guest interviewers

If you’re unsure on how to interview people from an unfamiliar field, bring an expert to the interview. You’ll need all the help you can get from people who actually know about the position, especially if it’s a high-level or technical role. If you weren’t able to get someone, record the interview and ask someone to help you debrief later.

Ask for referrals

Rather than finding a potential candidate on your own, get employee referrals from existing employees is another way to fill a vacancy. It’s most likely your company’s employees’ judgment is better than yours, and you can trust them in finding someone suitable for the role.


If you feel like you don’t understand a job role, make sure to spend time researching the skills required for the position. Nobody expects you to be an expert, but you’ll at least have an idea of what your company is looking for in a candidate. 

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