4 Unique Features of the Vivo NEX Dual Display

Towards the end of 2018, Vivo released the NEX Dual Display phone. Following the trend of bezel-less displays, the screen of this android smartphone covers the whole area of the phone with not a single bezel. However, it wasn’t the full display that caught the attention of the people; it was the second display at the back the phone.

Just like the name suggests, the Vivo NEX Dual Display has two display screen; one at the front, the other at the back. But besides the dual display, there are other interesting features of the smartphone you should check out:

Triple Camera

The NEX Dual Display’s main camera is a 12MP Dual-Pixel with a Sony IMX363 sensor, a four-axis OIS, a specialised Video Camera and an innovative Time of Flight 3D camera. Along with two screens at your disposal, the three cameras are useful in photographing and taking selfies, capturing moments from any angle.

Mirror Mode

This feature is only available thanks to the dual-display this smartphone has. With Mirror Mode, you can see what your photographer is taking through the second screen at the back of the phone. Snap better photos by using the rear screen and guiding your photographer!

Lunar Ring

The Lunar Ring is located at the rear side of the NEX Dual Display. Use it to upgrade your selfie game with its diffusion lighting in a low-light environment and add exciting dimensions to your photos. The Lunar Ring also features an array of coloured filters.

Nex Dual Display

TOF 3D Camera

Add dimension in your life with the TOF 3D Camera! It has sensing capabilities that make point-to-point distance-measuring possible, resulting in a 3D model of your face. This 3D model can enhance facial recognition protection and personalised beautification.


Although the dual-screen is a game-changer for the Vivo NEX Dual Display, there are many more features that also deserve recognition. Check out more unique features of the smartphone by visiting now.