4 Tips for Exit Interviews

In an ideal world, your best employees will always stay in the company. However, every employer has to face the reality of their workers leaving the company.

Some people may advise you to just move on, but it is crucial to understand why employees leave your organisation. Just like how you would organise interviews for recruitment in Malaysia, it’s essential to hold exit interviews to find out why employees leave. Finding out these reasons could help your business in more ways than you can imagine.

But what kind of questions should you ask in these interviews? What should you do when a former employee gets riled up? Here are some tips in handling exit interviews that you may find helpful:

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Figure out the real reason they’re leaving

Sometimes, it’s obvious why your employees are leaving. Other times, it could be a mix of factors. No matter what the reason is, you should try your best to understand their situation. 

After getting the answer, it depends on you to decide how to use this information. For example, an employee may leave due to clashing with his supervisor; should you be worried about how your management team works?

Be aware of bullying, harassment or any form of discrimination

The ugly truth is, these things still happen in the working world. If your ex-employee is suggesting that they suffered employment discrimination during their time in your company, you should never brush it off.

It’s crucial to investigate this issue in your workplace as you could face legal problems. It’s also vital to receive from this lesson and provide a safe environment for your workers to prevent it from happening again.

Remain open-minded

Exit interviews aren’t integrations or a place for negotiation. Remember, you are there to figure out why they’re leaving to improve your business, not changing an employee’s mind.

You and your former employee may have different perspectives and beliefs, but having an open mind will help in understanding your worker’s situation.

Stay cool

Unfortunately, things may not always go smoothly in exit interviews. Things may actually get dramatic. For example, an employee may get angry at you and vent their rage during the meeting.

Whatever happens, you must keep your cool and stay professional. Stick to your questions and follow protocol. If they refuse to cooperate, make sure never to hire them again.


The truth is, there’s no guarantee that an employee is going to stay in your company forever. And that’s alright. Just be prepared when that happens, and your company will be ready for whatever that comes your way.

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