3 Fun Upgrades For Your Kids Meals

If you’re raising a small child, you know going through meal time with them can be quite a feat. From picky eating to tantrum throwing, so many things can happen over the course of dinner! No worries! Here are 3 fun tricks for kids meals that you can include so your kids get interested and excited for their food!

1) Get them involved!

The next time you’re preparing their meals, how about getting them in the kitchen with you as well! Assign some easy tasks like mashing potatoes or mixing batter so they’d feel involved in the food-making process. Making them watch and help you prepare meals will encourage them to eat the food that they helped make, curbing meal refusal and allowing for some good bonding time.

2) Explore cute shapes and designs

In order to capture your child’s attention and interest, some extra creativity needs to be involved. Use cutlery and plates featuring your child’s favour colours, designs or cartoon character. Plating also plays an important part. Make things exciting for everyone by making food into cute shapes and sizes. If you’re feeling more creative, look into making animals out of your child’s packed lunch!

3) Add fruits into their sweet treats

It’s a universal occurrence that children love their sweet treats. From candy to cookies to ice cream, these little ones would eat sugar for all their meals if they could! While it is nice to indulge them once in a while, consider adding in some berries or tropical fruits to slip in some health benefits. Berries go really well with most sweet baked goods while frozen tropical fruits like mangoes and bananas are delicious served with ice cream or even on its own!


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Making mealtime fun and enjoyable for your kids is no longer impossible with these easy upgrades. Get your children to receive all the nutrition they need when you successfully get them to eat delicious, fun and nutritious food! To learn more about kids meals and nutrition, click here https://pediasure.com.my/balancedNutrition/mean-plan