What is Employer Branding?

When you’re looking for new hire on singapore job sites, it would be super helpful if you have strong employer branding. It’ll get you the right candidate, leave a good impression on applicants and boost your company’s reputation. But what is employer branding and how can you work on it?

What is employer branding?

Whether you are aware of it or not, your company has a present employer branding. Employer brand is a term referred to describe the company’s reputation and popularity from a potential employer’s perspective. It also describes the values the company gives to its employees. The employer brand is the identity of a company as an employer of choice, which is why it’s important to have a strong one when you’re trying to attract new talent.

How does it help you?

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As the digital age develops, talent attraction becomes not only more difficult, but also more important. With the help of a strong employer brand, your company will be able to increase the number of quality applicants, reduce costs per recruitment and differentiate yourself from competitors. Investing in employer branding would bring you more benefits than you think!

What can you do?

Here is a brief, 5-step strategy to build an employer brand. 

  • Set your goals 
    • What do you want? Getting more applicants or better applicants? Shorter recruiting period?
  • Identify your ideal candidate
    • Understand the characteristics of your perfect job candidate
  • Define your Employee Value Proposition (EVP)
    • What do your current employees love about you as an employer?
  • Define the channels to promote your Employer Brand
    • Where and how will you promote your brand?
  • Measure the results
    • Measure the results of your efforts and strategy, then adjust accordingly.


Having a strong employer brand ensures that your company remains attractive and competitive when it comes to the recruitment market. If you’re looking for the perfect place to showcase your company and brand, click here https://www.jobstreet.com.sg/en/cms/employer/ to check out what this singapore job site could do for you.