What does it mean when your phone runs on Snapdragon?

Android phones evolving to be some of the best value for smartphones in the past few years have a tiny but powerful processor to thank; the Snapdragon. You’ve probably seen several varieties of this Qualcomm processor in mid-range to flagship phones. Like the Vivo V15 Pro, Snapdragon processors help phones achieve their best potential. But what does it really do?

What is a Snapdragon processor?

Snapdragon is a brand name for a family of mobile systems on a chip (SoC) being developed by Qualcomm. Each one of them is a comprehensive all-in-one system that enables the best-in-class mobile experiences. Snapdragon processors also enable advanced connectivity, jaw-dropping graphics, and powerful and efficient processing and multitasking. All this with a day-long battery life.

Vivo V15 Pro - VIVO Malaysia

What does that mean for a smartphone user?

Snapdragon processors enable next-level user experiences with effective power usage. Phones with these processors are designed to have several benefits including fast charging and long battery life. Mobile gamers are big fans of this processor as they could game without much hassle due to the speedy processors and well-performing graphics card. Heavy-duty users would also enjoy lag-free multi-tasking between apps due to this.

Why should I get a phone with a Snapdragon processor?

The simple answer is that they’re great value for money. Lots of coveted and rave reviewed mid-range phones are equipped with a Snapdragon processor. Battery-life for these phones are better than ever and they’re really speedy. Gone are the days where lags happen when you have too many apps running in the background. Just a smoother user interface and experience for phones now.


Android phones with the Snapdragon processor are often assured in quality and performance. Their great battery life and fast-charging abilities are great additions to the range of phones equipped with these processors. Amazing graphics and all-round performance becomes a key highlight as well. Check out this phone https://www.vivo.com/my/products/v15pro8gb that’s equipped with the Snapdragon and other amazing features.