Truths and Myths About Internet Connection and Gaming

When you start to lag during an online game, most people will blame it on their slow internet connection. However, how much of that is true? Is getting good 4G speed internet the solution to all your gaming problems?

Here are some myths and facts about gaming and internet connection that all gamers should know:

MYTH: You need a high-speed internet for gaming

Of course, fast internet speed helps when you’re online gaming, but it’s not everything. What matters is the stability of your connection. Having a high-speed connection is useful when you need to do more than online gaming at a time, though.

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MYTH: Gaming requires a lot of data

Online gaming itself doesn’t consume a lot of data. There’s only a little data receiving and transmitting when you’re online gaming. Patches and updates, however, can eat your data up if you don’t watch out for it. If you plan to update your game, please do it with Wi-Fi.

TRUTH: You need high speed for streaming

While online gaming doesn’t consume a lot of data or require extremely fast internet connection, streaming, on the other hand, requires high speed. Streaming relies on upload speed, which is what transmits your stream to everyone else. Without good upload speed, your stream quality will suffer and it will affect your gameplay too.

TRUTH: Different types of connection affects your speed

DSL, cables, wired or wireless connections have different effects on your internet speed. For example, DSL is typically slower than cable connections, but cable connections can be slow during peak times like during the weekend. In your own home, the best way to get the fastest speed is to have a direct ethernet line going to the router and have your PC close to the router.


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