Three Questions to Ask Job Candidates

So you’ve found a candidate that you like from a job posting you published on a recruitment site such as Jobstreet Malaysia. Now it’s time to talk to them to see whether they are the right fit for the role. Interviewing job candidates is a crucial step in recruiting new members of staff.

This is the best time to see whether the candidate’s resume translates the way you imagine it in real life. What are the right questions to ask during the job interview? You may take up the whole hour asking loads of questions, but here are three important ones you should be asking.

“Is there anything in your career that you would have done differently?”

If you’re hiring for a senior position, this is a good question to ask. It hints at past regrets without phrasing it as such, so candidates are more open to answering them honestly. It is normal for everyone to make a few missteps throughout their working life but the more crucial part is learning from that experience. With this question, you will get to see whether or not the candidate learnt from past mistakes.

“What are your thoughts on where the industry is at the moment?”

Everyone has their own hot take on issues and secretly, everyone likes to be heard. It would be easy getting an answer out of candidates for this question but would it be what you and the company wanted to hear? Just remember that this question would give you an opinion, so keep an open mind. If anything, it would give you some hints of the candidate’s personality

“Describe the best supervisor that you have dealt with and a supervisor that you liked the least in the past.”

With this question, you’d be able to assess how the candidate prefers to be supervised. Are they the kind of a person who works best independently or needs more supervision? Will this work well with the current team and supervisor that they’d be answering to?


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There are many other questions that you could ask a job candidate but don’t forget to ask the three questions above during an interview session. Need quality candidates for a current job vacancy? Post you job advertisement at Jobstreet by visiting