The Impact of Augmented Reality On Our Lives

Funny and interesting filters are what made Snapchat so popular. Users can apply charming filters such as beautiful flower wreaths and adorable kittens on their face and share it with their family and friends.

However, it’s not just Snapchat that allows users to experience these filters. Instagram and Facebook have also joined into the fun by implementing the feature into the social media app. There are also smartphones like the Vivo Y91 that has stickers built into their cameras.

How do they make filters?

The technology behind these filters and stickers is augmented reality (AR). Not to be confused with virtual reality (VR) where users are transported into a new world made from scratch, AR is when devices project computer-generated augmentations the real world.

Not only is AR used for entertainment, but you also can’t ignore its potential for healthcare, education and marketing. It wouldn’t be long until technology evolves and the AR technology becomes more accessible in numerous industries.

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Augmented reality and its impact

Thanks to Snapchat’s popularity, AR has quickly found its way into our lives. A few examples of AR’s impacts include: allowing users to create their own filters, playing AR games with friends, and testing brand products using a lens in online stores.

Although still in its early stages, AR has plenty of potential for marketing and business, after all, everyone has a smartphone on them all the time. It wouldn’t be a surprise when we’ll have to scan virtual business cards in the near future.

In game development, Pokemon Go is an excellent example of implementing AR into gaming. It encouraged players to venture outside their home in search of creatures, connecting with other players and improving health.


The digital age of AR is slowly upon us. Augmented reality presents us endless possibilities to our way of living and we should keep an eye out for new developments.

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