MFGM & DHA in baby milk

Current era is increasingly challenging. The syllabus that is taught in schools is even more difficult. We as a parent are worried about the future of our children. That is why we can help with this challenge by providing a balanced diet through our baby milk that can supports mental and emotional development. 

Here, we want to share some information on Pediasure baby milk with MFGM Complex, the latest findings in child nutrition & DHA. Below are some other important nutrients in this milk.

  • Milk Fat Globule Membrane (MFGM) Complex
  • 105mg DHA
  • PDX ^ + GOS
  • Yeast Beta-Glucan
  • With Kolina, Iodin, Vitamin A & Vitamin B12
  • Zinc & Iron
  • Does not contain sucrose

Out of the 7 nutrients in the list above, we focus on the first two only. Why? This is because MFGM & DHA are the main nutrients needed by the brain. Scientific studies have proven that DHA and MFGM help support mental and emotional development with the MFGM component is important for the structure and function of the brain while DHA helps support the brain development. 

baby milk

Why are MFGM & DHA important during the first 5 years of our children? 

1. The brain of a child is growing rapidly during the first 5 years. 

The brain of a child is rapidly developing at this age level, and even studies show that brain growth has been nearly 90% complete so two benefits that affect the rapid development of the first 5 years are MFGM and DHA.

2. EQ development

In a rapidly growing modern world, many children are depressed with our educational system. High IQs are insufficient to ensure the future success of our children. Through our experiences, we must realize the traits of successful people are the ability to control their emotions (EQs). 

How they bring themselves, communicates, reacts to issues of all that are related to emotions. Balanced nutrition helps our children learn and make mistakes to be useful people. Hence, modern science studies show that many MFGM components can be found in the brain where reliable lipid MFGM plays an influence on the central nervous system involved in emotional and behavioural control and DHAs can be found in many in the brain tissue and central nervous system for example in eye retina. 

3. Affect learning skills.

Studies have shown that DHA affects cognitive development. This will help our child’s ability to read smoothly and strengthen memory. 

4. Influence in personality development & emotion.

The MFGM component plays a role in producing and transmitting neurotransmitters, then controlling mental abilities, emotions and feelings so children will be able to adapt to new environments like in school and build healthy relationships anywhere. 

5. Improve immune system protection.

The study also shows the association between MFGM and the body’s defence system, and enhances the protective effect of infection.


In conclusion, as a wise parent, we are the ones who make plans for our children before they are even born. So, what we can do to for our baby get the best is by providing extra nutrition before planning for pregnancy, during pregnancy period itself and after they are born. This is to ensure our children are competitive in a world of uncertainty.

In the past, our parent was very concerned about the high IQ. Nowadays, high IQs only are not enough, great emotional & personality children must also be great on their EQ & SQ, which our SQs can be derived from religious deeds and spirituality. EQ is also influenced by our nutrition and education as well as our children’s lessons. So, be careful in buying your baby milk. If you buy at a cheap price, you’re afraid to buy fake goods as good nutrition will help prepare for a comprehensive development for future success.