Malaysia Tourism: Trip to Desaru

Those that never visit Desaru, you’ll want to plan it as Desaru attractions are absolutely fun and fascinating. The planning part is usually tedious and that’s why we come out with this informative article to offer you a better understanding of Desaru. Let’s discover Desaru together by looking into Desaru attractions, Desaru beach resort, additionally, the famous food.

Desaru Accommodations, Attractions, and Restaurants

Desaru Accommodations

The perfect places to stay in Desaru will be Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast, a family-friendly resort which is suitable for all age ranges. They provide different kinds of rooms and suites for people to choose from. A great thing here is the amenities and entertainment they got. You can relax and at the same time, enjoy the fun here.

desaru beach resort

If you prefer a hotel, you have to consider Amansari Hotel Desaru. It is a good location which is nearby to Desaru beach, thus, you can easily find a restaurant to enjoy local food and seafood. Besides that, they feature laundry service and luggage storage that is definitely convenient for the traveler.

Desaru Attractions

Desaru Coast Adventure Waterpark is one of the suggested places to travel. It is nearby to Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast, those who stay there, you can actually come here to get fun. It’s divided into 5 zones to reach each age groups desire. Visit the website to book the tickets and make sure you follow the rules.

Another great area to visit in Desaru is Desaru Fruit Farm. You can discover the wonders of the farm by the guided farm tour to 180 acres, natural tropical fruit land, agricultural gallery, find a pond, vegetable and herb garden. Awarded as “The Best Agro-Tourism Site” in the year 2006, without a doubt that the place is fun.

Another attraction is Teluk Sengat Crocodile Farm. The farm is established in 1979 and contains exceed Thousands of crocodiles with some of them are as old as 100 years old. There, get the chance to know all the interesting and fun information about them. Also, you are entitled to hold and touch them with the supervising of the caretaker.

Seafood Restaurant

Desaru is mostly about seafood. One of the best seafood restaurants in Desaru is Jade Garden Seafood Corner Sungai Rengit, 30 mins far from Desaru Beach. The restaurant is clean and comfortable. They serve fresh and delicious seafood especially lobsters, which is the best for me. Don’t get worried about the price, it’s reasonable!

Muslims, if you would like to try seafood in Desaru, visit Sengat Seafood Restaurant as the food is Muslim-friendly. They serve various type of delicious seafood that is value for money. If you don’t know which to select, just order their salted egg crab or chili crab, the top 1 in the restaurant.

In summary, Desaru is definitely a fun and fascinating spot to visit. It’s well suited for friend and family trip, and also a solo traveler. Here are all the highly recommended accommodations, visit, and food to eat, especially Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast. Visit their site to explore. If you plan to get a trip, do consider Desaru. Book a stay now at