How To Deal With Underperformer

Underperform employee is a common thing in a company. Not only small companies but large companies face similar problems. For startups, it would be scary for them to hire someone that will decides and do everything from A-Z. Unless you have found a free job posting website that provide all reliable informations of the candidates.

However, in a given period when a company starts expanding, there is no other way but to increase the number of employees in order to grow the company. Every entrepreneur is required to know everything but not necessarily to do everything.

Whether you like it or not, you have to deal with the underperform or problematic employee reality. Here we will share 4 ways to resolve this common issue:

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Discuss and deal with employees

Have a face-to-face discussions with the individual, and find out the reasons why are they may not achieved KPIs or engaged in disciplinary problems.

We can categorise these 3 elements to find the root cause of the problem faced by the employee – skill, attitude, and knowledge.

What is the main reason when they made mistake? Start a conversation or discussion, identify their problem and try to give them the best solution on their own without affecting others.

Monitor employees’ performance closely

No matter how busy you are as a leader, take some time to meet your employees, communicate with them, find out what’s happening & show them you care.

Indirectly employees will be comfortable sharing their concerns. This will create a healthy atmosphere in the organisation.

Take corrective action

f employees have difficulty refining themselves and their work after the counselling session, take disciplinary action in stages. Employee dismissal is the last act that is inevitable.

Create a compensation system

Reward employees for excellent service such as giving bonuses, awards or vacation packages according to categories such as excellent attendance, excellent service and so on.

This reward system will indirectly encourage every employee to give their best work and indirectly shape their discipline.