How do you choose between two excellent candidates?

Finding the ideal job candidate is difficult, but what happens if you have two excellent candidates applying to your company on Jobstreet Singapore? It may sound like great news, but it can be a problem when you have to make a call and choose only one of the two.

Selecting between two great candidates can be a headache even if you’re an experienced hiring manager. Here are some ways to narrow down to the final candidate:

Determine who’s more eager to work for you

All candidates want a new job as much as you want to fill an empty vacancy, but not everyone will have the desire and passion to work for your company. For example, already employed candidates who are just looking for a change may be less motivated than candidates desperately looking for a job.

As a hiring manager, you can figure out who wants to get the job more by observing their behaviour. Who asked more questions? Who was quicker to catch up after the interview? Who seemed more engaged in a phone call?

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Test them for company culture fit

Skills and qualifications are crucial factors when choosing a candidate, but it is also important to see if they fit the company culture.

A way to test for culture fit is to invite the two candidates to lunch, preferably not at the same time. Observe their interactions and behaviour with the other staff members and outside the office. It is also a chance for the candidates to meet the people that work in the company.

Conduct a test

You may ask why should you do a skill test when they’re usually done at the beginning or in the middle of the hiring process, but it can also be a useful method when you don’t want to spend too much time making decisions.

You can put the two candidates in a test covering a significant part of the job and determine which candidate brings more value. You can also conduct a secondary skill test to measure who has a wider scope.

Hire both candidates

Having two excellent candidates rarely happens, so why not hire them both? After all, you may never find an excellent candidate any time soon.

The only issue with this solution is it depends on your company’s budget. You may not have the financial capability to hire both candidates, but your business may improve, and hiring two candidates could be a better idea.


Having two great candidates is an opportunity more than a problem. What happens, you’ll at least have an excellent employee on your team. Trust your instincts and keep the hiring process short, as you may lose both candidates if you wait too long.

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