Best Racing Games to Play on Your Phone!

Racing games are great for gamers of all levels. They’re fun, fast-paced and exciting and now that phones are getting faster and better, the gaming experience can be just as enjoyable on your phone. 

Phones with full and bright screens like the Vivo Nex Dual Display definitely enhances the thrill of zooming through racetracks. Here are 4 racing games that you’ll enjoy playing on your phone!

Mario Kart Tour

Possibly one of the more exciting announcements from Nintendo, this classic and beloved game is available for all to download and play! With iconic characters like Mario and Luigi racing frantically between valleys and even the beaches, this game is undoubtedly a nostalgic and fun ride. Download the game as it’s available for free on the Play Store to start racing!

Asphalt 9: Legends

This new rollout by Gameloft is gaining a lot of popularity on the Play Store and for very good reasons. The game comes with stunning visuals and exciting gameplay. Choose to race legendary cars from manufacturers like Lamborghini and Mclaren. The soundtrack that accompanies the game visuals is also worth shouting, making Asphalt 9 an exhilarating trip. 


Endless runner games are often overlooked but don’t skip on this one. #DRIVE stands out from other racing games. The way it blends a high-speed car chases with the best elements from the endless runner genre, you’ll definitely enjoy cruising down dusty roads and boxy vehicles; illustrated well by the game unique art style. Download this and give it a go when you’re looking to be amazed. 

Horizon Chase – World Tour

If you’re a sucker for those 80s racing arcade games, this one’s for you. Horizon Chase is a quirky and fun retro-style racer, with graphics that will surely impress you. Zoom down the San Francisco tracks to win races and unlock all 16 cars. Weave fast past opponents and be amazed by how well the game is designed. 


Playing racing games on mobile is a great experience that even non-gamers would enjoy. From easy and relaxed gameplays to more intense and gritty plotlines, there’s always something for everyone! Click here to see how a dual-display phone could enhance a mobile gaming experience.