6 Hiding Spots to Store Your Valuables at Home

Burglary is all about opportunities. Most burglars want to get whatever valuable as fast as they can and get out of the house as soon as possible. This means they will search for obvious places for money and jewelry such as inside your drawers or under your bed.

However, you can outsmart them by hiding your valuables in hidden or inconvenient spots around your house.

Here are the top places to hide your belongings so you can avoid claiming from your home insurance:

Buried in dirt

No robber would want to waste their precious time digging dirt or breaking flower pots while robbing a house. You only need to store your valuables in a container and remember where you bury them!

Hollowed-out books

Although this trick is seen in movies and TV shows, robbers wouldn’t consider flipping through every book you own if you have a huge collection of books in your home. You can hollow out your own book or buy them online.

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In your freezer

We can’t guarantee that robbers won’t check your fridge, but it’s probably the last place they’re going search. Make it difficult for them to find your valuables by hiding in a bag half full of peas or an aluminium foil at the back of your freezer.

In a kid’s room (preferably in a toy)

You can pull this off if you actually have kids. Robbers tend to avoid a child’s room as it contains too many clutter and toys to search around. You can take it to the next level by sewing in your valuables in a toy, just make sure your kids can’t get to it and remember not to throw the toy away.

In a pill bottle

Store your valuables or money in a plastic bag and put them in an aspirin bottle. You can also keep some pills in the bottle to fool the robbers if they decide to rattle it. Just make sure the bottle isn’t made of glass or see-through materials.

False containers

You can purchase false containers such as false cleaning product bottles and false food cans online and hide them with the rest of your items in the house. Robbers are less likely to rummage through everyday items.


A bolted down vault is still your safest option if you want to protect your valuables, but you can consider hiding some money stash in these less-than-obvious locations.

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